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Posted: June 15, 2010 in Reading List
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I’m going to be preaching a sermon in our series on Summertime Psalms in a couple of weeks so I went to Lifeway to get the New American Commentary: Psalms. I have a ton of Bible study resources but I don’t seem to have a lot on the Psalms. Anyway, they didn’t have it but I did get an ESV (English Standard Version) Literary Study Bible for like $10. It’s a hard cover so I probably won’t use it to preach from but I was pretty pumped just to get an ESV so cheap. Bro. Jack has been preaching from it so I did a little research and it’s a superb translation as well as being very readable. I will definitely be using it in my study time and will eventually get one with a leather cover that I can use for teaching and preaching.

  1. Michael says:

    ESV is the translation of choice for all good calvinist.

    • Paul Bryant says:

      nah, you’d have to leave out John 3:16 and 2Pet 3:9 (that’s just a joke in case any 5 pointers happen to read this), seriously though, I’m not a Calvinist, I just believe in the sovereignty and grace of God 🙂

    • Paul Bryant says:

      I did a little more digging and you’re right, it seems that many who lean towards a reformed theology have adopted the ESV Study Bible as “their” Bible. I think that’s kind of like saying the KJV Scofield belongs to Independent Baptists, I’m just saying. The notes of any particular study Bible are going to be bent towards the author’s particular theology. I’m more concerned with the scholarship of the actual translation than the study notes. Btw, the one I bought isn’t the ESV Study Bible, you can’t get one of those for $10. I myself am pretty dispensational in my theology, maybe they will come out with a Scofield ESV, ya think?

  2. Jack maddox says:

    Does this mean when someone tells me I ought to use the bible Paul used, I can tell them thats. exactly what I am doing? : )

    • Paul Bryant says:

      You could try but everybody knows that the real Paul spoke the King’s English.

      • Jack Maddox says:

        Paul -Thanks for the info, but be careful…you did capitalize the C in Calvinist – that’s the first step towards heresy – and Michael, no longer is the cool kids id’d by 5 points as in calvinism – now the question is “Are you a 7 point GCR’r” LOL! And they use the HCSV.

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