Posted: June 17, 2010 in QT's

Have you ever had to wear hand-me-downs? I have two sisters, one older and one younger, so I never had to worry about wearing hand-me-downs (thank goodness, I would’ve looked awful silly in my sisters clothes). I have heard a lot of people complain about wearing hand-me-downs though. I have three kids and my youngest daughter gets to wear hand me downs sometimes. She’s only five so she doesn’t seem to mind. We’ll see how she reacts as she gets older. I really don’t understand why it would bother anybody. Maybe it’s an identity thing. It could be that younger children want to be who they are and don’t want to be identified as their older sibling. I don’t know, it’s just a thought. It could just be that people want new stuff. Sometimes we get stuff handed down to us that is really valuable though, whether monetarily or sentimentally. I have some things that belonged to my grandfather, some things that belonged to my father, and even some things that belonged to my father-in-law that mean a lot to me; things I will pass along to my children. Sometimes I’ll take those things out and show them to my kids and we talk about them and the people they belonged to. Some things are just worth handing down.

I’ve been reading through Hebrews 11 (the great faith chapter) this week in my quality time and something struck me about todays passage, vv. 17-29. This passage begins with an example of Abraham’s faith, then moves to an example of Isaac’s faith (Abraham’s son), then Jacob’s faith (Isaac’s son) then Joseph (Jacob’s son, I’m starting to see a pattern here), then it jumps to Moses’ parent’s and their faith and then finally gives several verses to Moses’ faith. It would seem that great faith is one of those things that can be passed along. As we live our faith before others, as we talk about it, as we act according to it, as we make sometimes difficult decisions based on it, others will see it and we can pass it along to them in that way; especially those closest to us like our own families. Don’t get me wrong, each person must come to a personal faith in Jesus and must learn how to live according to that faith. What I’m saying is that people will have a better chance of doing that if they have a good example to follow. We Christians have a responsibility to pass our faith along to others. It won’t happen by accident, we have to make it a point. People are watching. Pass your faith along to someone else today.

  1. Sharon Wagoner says:

    Great siite Bro. Paul. You have done a excellent job. I’m impressed…In Jesus Love, Sharon

  2. Randy Bryant says:

    it’s not about identity cause every body wears Holester and American Eagle so I guess that it’s because we want to have new cloths and to be like everyone else even though we shouldn’t care what we wear as (long as its not indecint) cause we’re the lords children and shouldn’t give in to the world but we but thank goodness that the lord forgives us

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