The Holy Torch (a shout out to my youth group)

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Random Thoughts
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As I write this I am at camp in Siloam with some pretty awesome young people. We’ve been eating, sleeping, laughing, playing, worshiping, studying the Bible, and sometimes just talking together since we got here. It’s been a great week so far but it’s also been a busy week so this is the first chance I’ve had at any down time and I find myself reminiscing a little.

You see, I’ve been bringing kids to camp for the last nine years. This Thursday will be mine and Brandi’s 15th wedding anniversary and once again we will be spending it at camp. That’s alright though because we both enjoy what we do. We actually like coming to camp. We like hanging out with our students. We love to see God at work in their lives. We like to see the look on their faces when they “get it”. We love seeing broken relationships healed. We love it when students and leaders are open and honest with each other and God. We love to hear students singing praises to God and praying for their friends and families. God just does some cool things at camp. I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve seen God move in big and small ways. Sometimes He speaks as loud as thunder and sometimes He speaks in a still small voice but one thing is always true. When God moves or speaks it’s always powerful. I’m really glad to be here this week because I’m reminded of why I became a youth minister in the first place. I just want to see God move in the lives of young people. I want them to know the He loves them. I want them to know Him and be changed by the power of His grace. That’s always been my heart and prayer.

Here in a couple of hours I will be playing my guitar as my students represent our youth group (known this week as “The Holy Torch” based on Rev 4:5 and our theme for the week which is fire rescue) by performing a rap song we wrote together about trusting Jesus. That may seem silly to a lot of people but for me it just doesn’t get any better because I know they put their hearts into it and I know their hearts.

Thank You Lord for letting me see a glimpse of Your glory this week.

  1. Randy Bryant says:

    holy torch!!!!!!!! {-:

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