Keep The Change

Posted: July 8, 2010 in QT's

When you tell someone to “keep the change” you mean for them to keep the difference, to keep what’s left. I’ve been reading through 1 Corinthians in my quality time with God and that’s the thought that struck me this morning. If you’ve never read through 1 Corinthians then let me just tell you that it’s kind of a tough book to get through.

It was written by Paul to the church at Corinth (hence the title) which he started. The church was having some problems though and Paul wrote to them to help them get a few things straightened out. Needless to say he has some pretty hard words for them but he also makes it clear that the reason he’s so straight forward with them is because He loves them and he wants them to be everything that God intends for His church to be. They needed to quit the nonsense and just be real. They needed to address sin in their lives directly, hold each other accountable and quit fussing over silly stuff. In short, they needed to quit acting like their old selves and start acting like their new selves. In chapter 6 he reminds them of the way they used to be before they got saved and then in verse 11 he tells them “And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.”

You see, Christians are people who have been made different. We’re people who have been changed by our faith in God and the power of His Spirit that lives in us. We should behave differently than we did before. We should behave differently than people who haven’t been changed. Not because we’re better but because the difference is real. As Christians we need to accept that and embrace the difference. We need to quit worrying about what people think and start worrying about what God knows. We need to get our eye’s off ourselves and set our hearts on being followers of Christ. We need to “keep the change” and just be real, before God, each other, and the rest of the world. Dare to be different.


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