Born Again

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Music
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Once again I have to make a confession. I have enjoyed the Newsboys, DC Talk, and Tait  but I’m not huge fans. I mean I have a DC Talk CD and several Newsboys and they have some songs that I really like but all in all they’re not my favorites. The truth is I would rather hear Toby Mac with Diverse City than DC Talk. I’m just saying. When I heard that Michael Tait was going to be singing for Newsboys I figured it would be alright but I wasn’t doing backflips or anything (not that I could actually do a backflip). I have to say though, after I heard the title track off their new album Born Again I was pleasantly surprised. The song jams. It just so happened that I found it on sale the other day for like $7 so I bought it and once again I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been listening to it over and over and I just keep enjoying it more and more. There’s a couple of songs that are a little 80’s sounding (one is even a little Madonnaesque and sounds like it ought to be on an old workout video) but for the most part the guitars are really heavy (which of course I like a A LOT!) and the lyrics are a little different sometimes but to the point as is characteristic of both DC Talk and Newsboys. It’s just a good CD to jam to, definitely worth checking out.

  1. Sharon Wagoner says:

    Bro. Paul I really enjoyed this song and video by the newsboys, Born Again…Thanks for sharing it…Sharon

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