Dying To Win

Posted: October 5, 2010 in QT's, Random Thoughts
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Sometimes the Christian life just doesn’t make any sense. I’m just saying. There are times that I read Scripture and what it says for me to do completely flies in the face of reason and logic. I’m told to give when I don’t have. I’m told to love when I’m hated. I’m told to trust when I can’t see. It doesn’t always make sense but here’s the thing: it always works. I have been a follower of Christ for seventeen years now and there have been plenty of times I did what made sense even though God’s Word was telling me something else. There have been plenty of times I’ve fallen flat on my face doing what made sense. There have also been times when I simply trusted God at His Word and did what He said, even though it seemed unreasonable. God has never failed to fulfill any of His promises to me, not one. Though I’ve failed Him many times, He’s never failed me. When will I learn?

I was thinking about this as I was driving to the office today and listening to the latest Sanctus Real CD Pieces of a Real Heart, which I highly recommend. There’s a song on there called Take Over Me and one line goes like this “I want to win the war between these skin and bones and what’s underneath so I surrender.” Okay, let me get this straight, he wants to win a war so he surrenders. I’m guessing you won’t find that tactic in any books on battle strategy. I don’t remember ever reading about any wars being won by surrendering. It doesn’t make any sense and yet I think Sanctus Real is on to something.

In Romans 7:15-25 Paul talks about a war that takes place between his mind and his body. His body wants to keep on sinning and yet in his heart of hearts he doesn’t want to. He wants to do what’s right and so he finds himself in this continuous struggle. I can relate. At the end of himself Paul cries out, “Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” (Rom. 7:24-25a). How does Paul win this war between his skin and bones and what’s underneath? It’s won through Jesus Christ.

The Christian finds victory over sin through surrendering to the Lord Jesus. “Surrendering what?” you might ask; our will, our desires…, our hearts. I know, it doesn’t make sense, and yet it works. We find victory by surrendering. We find life through dying. I’m glad the Christian life doesn’t always make sense; otherwise I would be missing out on some pretty cool stuff.


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