Posted: December 4, 2010 in Random Thoughts
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The other day I woke up thinking about the friendships that I’m thankful for. This morning I was reading from The Holy Spirit in Today’s World, by W.A. Criswell and was reminded of some other people who I am truly thankful for, my pastors. Here’s what Dr. Criswell wrote concerning the pastoral gift:

“Strangely enough, the word ‘pastor,’ the fourth gift of the Lord to the churches, is used only once in the entire New Testament, here in Ephesians 4:11. The Greek word is poimen, meaning ‘shepherd.’ The New Testament uses three titles to describe the same office in the church: episcopos, meaning ‘overseer,’presbuteros, meaning ‘elder,’ and poimen, meaning ‘shepherd.’ The word ‘bishop’ (episcopos) refers to the work of the pastor. The word ‘elder’ (presbuteros) refers to the dignity and rank of his position. The word ‘shepherd,’ ‘pastor,’ (poimen) refers to his relationship with the flock. All three words are refered to in Acts 20:17,18. The qualifications of a pastor are written in I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9, and I Peter 5:1-4. Pastors are to be obeyed and to be held in high honor (Hebrews 13:17). Those who are worthy are to be held in double honor (I Timothy 5:17). This is the gift of the Spirit that is most preciously cherished by the people of Christ. A worthy pastor is a true benediction from heaven.”

Amen Dr. Criswell. I praise God for these men who are not only my friends but have been my pastor as well. They are all worthy of double honor.

Roger Tarver
Davies Vanpool
Rick Monds
Raymond Tenpenny
Benny Thompson
Jack Maddox (my current pastor)
Ty McCoy (my worship pastor)

Thank you for answering the call.



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