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Have you ever heard someone say something like,“You only have one life, make it count”? It’s a good statement and certainly something to consider but if you’re like me then you begin to wonder things. Things like: How can I make my life count? What can I make my life count for, is it all about me or is their something greater, a larger purpose? What do I need to change about my life to make it count? In the end will it really matter? Can one person really make a difference? These are the questions that I ask myself and I guess that really is the purpose of the statement to begin with. To get us to think, and if we start thinking about living a life that makes a difference, then just maybe we’ll start living a life that makes a difference.

So, can one person really make a difference? The answer is yes, if that one person is completely surrendered to God. I was reminded of this last week during a missions conference held at my church. Dr. R.E. Clark, the Associational Missionary for the Northwest Arkansas Baptist Association, preached a message from 1Kings 18 (the story of the prophet Elijah). In that message Dr. Clark reminded us that Elijah had prayed that it wouldn’t rain, and it didn’t for three and a half years. Then he prayed that it would rain and he sent his servant out to look up at the sky and tell him what he saw. The servant went out and back six times and didn’t see anything but when he came back the seventh he said, “Behold, a little cloud like a man’s hand is rising from the sea.” When Elijah heard this he got up and ran down the mountain to prepare for the flood that was coming. As Dr. Clark pointed out, Elijah knew what God could do with a cloud the size of a, man’s hand. He could, and did, cause a heavy rain to fall on the land from that one little cloud.

Then came Dr. Clark’s challenge: “God says, Just give me a man’s hand. Just give me one man, one woman. one teenager, one child from this church who completely devoted to me and I’ll change the world.”

There are people in this world who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. They live and work beside us, they live on the other side of the ocean, and they live live in the deserts and jungles of this world. Who will tell them if we don’t.

Lord, I want to be that man. I want to make a difference, not only in this world, but in eternity.

I have included a newsletter from a missions ministry that I work with because it illustrates what I’m trying to say with stories of people who are making a difference. Please take another moment or two to read it, you will be encouraged, and maybe even challenged.