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The Power of Hope

Posted: November 21, 2011 in QT's
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Hope. It’s a strange word to me. What does it mean to hope? Is it wishful thinking? Is it something to look forward to with certainty? Is it motivation to keep on keeping on or is it a pipedream that may or may not come true? We often desire a thing to happen or for things to turn out a certain way but we’re not sure they’re going to. How often, when asked about a certain event or circumstance in your life, have you responded with, “I hope so?” We say it like it’s a question with an element of doubt. Is that really what it means to have hope? Should there always be that element of doubt or do we simply not truly understand the word and all that it implies?

I think the answer lies in the object of our hope. For example, if the outcome I desire is dependent on me, or any other human being, then there will always be that element of doubt simply because many things are beyond our control. There are always variables in the equation, so to speak. There is, however, another One that we can depend on who has all authority and knows all the variables. When I read my Bible I read about a hope that is certain. The writer of Hebrews (chapter 6) speaks of hope as an assurance and an anchor that holds “sure and steadfast”.

God has made many promises to those who will trust Him. We can be sure that all of God’s promises will come to pass just as he has promised. The key is knowing the difference between what God has promised and what He hasn’t and actually trusting Him for what He has, even when we don’t understand why or how. You see, Christians have a hope that transcends this world and any situation or circumstance that we find ourselves in. I don’t “hope?” to have eternal life someday after I die; I “hope!” in Jesus, the One who has given me life now and forever.

Until the sea of glass we meet

At last completed and complete

The tide of tear and pain subside

Laughter drinks them dry

I’ll be waiting



All that I aim for

What I was made for

With every heartbeat

All of my blood bleeds

Running inside me

Looking for you


I am restless

I am restless

I am restless

Looking for You

-Jon Foreman, Switchfoot