Fierce Love

Posted: April 27, 2012 in QT's
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The safest I have ever felt is when I was a child sleeping under my parents roof and protection. I didn’t know it then, but that was the best sleep I would ever have. Now I’m the Dad and don’t sleep nearly as well. When I lay my head down at night I’m very well aware that my family is all asleep and that if the unthinkable should happen I’m the one who has to protect them. I sleep but there’s a part of me that’s on the alert for the slightest sound that something’s not as it should be. If someone were to break into my home I would do anything necessary to protect my family. If my house were to catch on fire I would do whatever it took to get my family to safety. That’s just part of being a parent. There is nothing more fierce than a parent’s love for their child. Mom’s and Dad’s will go to great lengths to protect their children from harm (at least they should, I guess there are always exceptions). It’s just something that God has built in to us. In many ways God is like a parent watching over His children.

In 2Samuel 22 we read a psalm, a song, that David wrote praising God for His fierce love. It’s pretty long, 49 verses all together, so I won’t try to repeat it all here but its worth looking up. As I read through it I wrote in the margin of my Bible some things that David seemed to be saying about God:

God is trustworthy and He listens (vv. 2-7).

God is passionate and powerful (vv. 8-16).

God is personal and compassionate (vv. 17-25).

God is a just and merciful judge (vv. 26-28)

God is a protector and provider (vv. 29-43)

God is a deliverer (vv. 44-51).

In verse 31 David writes, “As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust Him.” A shield is something that covers you. You hide behind it and it takes all the hits for you. It protects you. God is a shield to those who trust Him.

Tonight my seven year old little girl may come quietly knocking on my bedroom door where my wife and I are half asleep, subconsciously listening for sound of little feet coming down the hall, and she may say, “I had a bad dream” or “My tummy hurts, can I sleep with you guys?” and I’ll say, “Come on” as my wife folds down the covers. Then she’ll crawl in between us and sleep well the rest of the night. She knows that she’s in the safest place in the whole world and that nothing can get to her. Her mom and I are a shield to her and she trusts us completely.

Aren’t you glad to know you can come quietly knocking on God’s door in the middle of the night.


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