One Foot In…

Posted: May 17, 2012 in QT's
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Have you ever been on the fence about something? You know what I mean, you have a choice to make and just aren’t sure which way you want to go so you just kind of hover around the middle, not really committing either way.

In 1Kings 11:6 we read, “Solomon… did not fully follow the LORD.”

My life was that way for a while after I first became a Christian. I would go to church (sometimes), pray, and even read my Bible but I would also go hang out with old friends and do a little partying (sometimes). I was riding the fence, living in two worlds with one foot in each. The problem was that it was tearing me apart and I knew I had to make a choice. It simply came down to one question for me. What did I really believe? If I really believed that Jesus was God’s Son, that His death paid the price for my sin, and that through His Resurrection I now possessed hope and life then how could I not devote myself completely to Him? If I couldn’t devote myself completely to Christ then maybe I didn’t really believe what I professed. If I didn’t really believe it then I was done. After all, why waste time on something you don’t really believe? It was something that weighed heavy on my heart. Then I came to the realization that I could not deny Him. I could not make myself “not believe”.

Jesus is God’s Son.

He died in my place for my sin.

He rose again and through Him I have new life.

The only course of action for me to take was to devote myself and my life to Him completely (is there really any other way to be devoted). No more riding the fence for me, I was all in!

Solomon knew the Lord. He had a godly father. He built a magnificent temple. God even personally spoke to him twice and blessed him tremendously but in the end Solomon didn’t finish well because he never fully committed himself to the God he knew.

I’ve done a lot of things in life that I regret, but I have never regretted committing myself to being a follower of Christ. It’s all or nothing folks.


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