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Unknown Lights, Christmas trees, goodies fresh out of the oven, carols on the radio; yep, we’re in the middle of the holiday season once again and I love it! Christmas really is my favorite time of year. I especially like listening to Christmas music. My wife and son get tired of it, but not me and the girls, we love it. Of course I like to hear my favorite artists, especially guitar players, putting their spin on all of the Christmas classics. I like to hear the Trans-Siberian Orchestra cranking out their sweet Christmas jams and I have some Christmas tunes by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton, Los Lonely Boys and even Jimi Hendrix (a 7 minute instrumental medley). I can’t help it. I love Jesus, songs about Jesus, and guitars.

One new album I bought just this year (new to me) is Jewel’s Christmas album. She is, of course, very talented and does a great job with some classic Christmas carols, adding some soulful jazz harmonies to them as is her style. One song in particular has got me thinking, the classic “Go Tell It On The Mountain”. It’s a simple hymn about proclaiming the good news of the birth of Christ, the Savior, to all the world. You’ve probably sung it many times in church around this time of year. The phrase that has really caught my attention as I listen to Jewel sing it is found in the last verse. It goes like this,

He made me a watchman

Upon the city wall,

And if I am a Christian,

I am the least of all.

Go, tell it on the mountain,

Over the hills and everywhere;

Go, tell it on the mountain

That Jesus Christ is born.

There’s something about the way she sings “And if I am a Christian” that keeps making my wheels turn. Now, I don’t know if she professes to be a Christian or not but she certainly sings these songs with meaning. The thing is, as I hear this phrase It makes me think about finishing that sentence. “And if I am a Christian…” what?

There are a lot of things I could finish that statement with and this post would end being longer than you would want to read so I will just offer a few suggestions.

imagesIf I am a Christian… I will be kind to others.

If I am a Christian… I will be forgiving.

If I am a Christian… I will be generous.

If I am a Christian… I will pray.

If I am a Christian… I will love like Christ.

If I am a Christian… I will proclaim the good news that Jesus Christ, God, our hope and salvation is born. I will proclaim it with my my words, my songs, my attitude, my money, my actions, my choices; with everything that I have and everything that I am. I will tell it on the mountain and live it in the valley. I will sing about it in church and offer a smile and a “Merry Christmas” to the lady that bags my groceries.

You get the idea.

images2If Christians can’t have and show the joy of Christ, especially during this time of year then we should be asking the question, “And of I am a Christian, then why am I such a sourpuss?”

If you are a Christian, the let the light of Christ shine in your life. If you’re not a Christian then let me say to you that you can be. At Christmas we like to give and receive gifts. I think this is a wonderful tradition because it represents the gift that God wants to give you, eternal life through His Son. Romans 6:23 says,

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (ESV)

images1All you have to do is receive this gift by faith. I hope you receive many gifts this year but most of all I hope you have received this most precious one of all.

Merry Christmas, Paul